Lighting FAQ

The answers to all your burning questions...

Q. Do I Need Lighting At My Event?

A: Lighting is an element that adds depth, creating a beautiful backdrop for your event.  Utilizing colors and intensities, placement and texture, will create an atmosphere that will wow your guests and help set the mood for the different moments during your special event.

Q. What Types Of Lighting Does All Events Offer?

A: We have a large inventory of LED fixtures (both cabled and wireless) that can wash an area with any color, pinspots for accenting centerpieces, monograms and logo projection, conventional lighting fixtures for ceiling and floor washes, and moving head fixtures if you’re looking to create a club type atmosphere.

Q: Can I See My Design Before The Event Date?

A: Yes.  If you’re local you can come into our lighting showroom and we can create a mock up to give you a really good idea on how it will all look during your special event.  If you’re planning from out of town, we can setup a webcast of the mock up instead.

Q: How Much Will Lighting Cost For My Event?

A: Since every room and event is different, we require a few details before we can give an exact quote.  We usually get really close with just a quick phone call, and can then give an exact quote based on a location scout of the property.

Q: How Do I Reserve Your Services For My Event?

A: We require a signed contract & 20% deposit to confirm your lighting reservation.

Q: When Is My Final Payment Due?

A: Your balance is due a month prior to your event.

Q: How long can a snail sleep without eating?

A: 3 Years

Q: When will my lighting be setup?

A: Our technicians ensure that your event lighting is setup and tested at least 1 hour prior to guest arrival.

Q: Is there an extra fee for delivery, setup, or programming?

A: No. Delivery,  setup, and operation of your lighting is included with all our quotes.

Q: Can I rent your lighting instead of putting up Christmas lights this year?

A: Yes you may, but we do charge by the week.