The Photobooth

There are several things that make a photo booth from All Events a unique and exceptional addition to your event.  Click on these headings to learn a bit more about what makes us different.

It’s one thing to just say the booth is big, or make a bigger booth and then provide the same service you would expect from a smaller photo booth.  Here’s why our big booth makes a difference.

The booth itself is about 5 feet by 8 feet.  That means everyone fits in the booth!  It’s not 2 in the booth and a few other people leaning into the doorway.  Imagine all of the bridesmaids in one shot, groups of friends, entire families (you get the picture).

You’re not limited to double prints!  If 10 people go into the booth, 10 people will get a copy of the pictures, right then and there.  The photo booth attendant will help with framing and zoom to make sure that the pictures look good whether there are 2 people or 20 in the shot (can you believe we’ve had 20 in the booth at one time).

We have an elegant booth design that can enhance the look and feel of an event.  The booth itself is black, making it fit in and look great at any event.

Additionally, we have a huge collection of door and backdrop curtains to match event colors and theme.  Pictures are better than words on this one, so check out images of the booth throughout the site.

Before the digital age, a photo booth could get away with poor quality camera equipment, because you just got the photo strip with each picture only an inch or two wide.  Since we provide all of the digital images to you, as well as your guests, in our online event gallery, it is important for us to give you the best image quality possible.  This means good camera equipment.

We want your guests to walk away with great quality prints as well, which means good printers and photo paper.  We’re so confident about our print quality that we recommend getting print samples from us and any other photo booth vendor you may be checking out.  On top of that, we also watermark the back of the photo paper with all the information your guests will need to check out their photos online.

Inside the booth, your friends will start their photo booth session using a large touch screen.  Our touch screens can be fully customized giving you the options you want.  Color or Black & White, no problem.  Maybe you want Color, Black & White, or Sepia.  That’s fine, too.  Or why not create several print layouts and give the guests the choice on the screen?

Your experience and that of your friends and family is so important to us.  Here’s what we do to make sure everyone has a blast.  We make it a habit of being ready to take pictures 30 minutes before your event starts.  That means family and close friends who are there early can jump in the booth before the crowd arrives.  Of course, this includes you, too!

A friendly and knowledgeable attendant will be on hand for the entire event to make sure everything goes smoothly, people know what to do and where to go, pictures are framed and zoomed properly, etc.

If your event is like almost every other event we do, people will still be taking pictures when the rest of the event has ended.  That’s cool.  We budget for an extra 30 minutes on the back end of your event to make sure that everyone has had a chance to enjoy their time in the photo booth.  Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that this is okay with your venue, so that we are out of there when you need us to be out.

From print layouts to props, custom screens in the booth to photo frames, we love to customize.  In fact, there’s so much to say about it, that we have a whole other section on this site devoted to Customizing Your Photo Booth.  Check it out.