Our Story

How a brides request forever changed our business.

“I don’t want my wedding to be like EVERYONE else’s,” Jennifer said during our first planning session back in September of 2005.  I didn’t know what to say . . . I was frozen.  Since my first wedding back in 1998, no one had ever asked for something “different.”  I mean, what was there that could be different?  Our weddings had all fit the same pattern; make the announcements, pronounce the names right, play the correct music for the corresponding event, and keep the dance floor packed using any means necessary.

“What do you mean, not like everyone else’s?”

“Well, I go to all these weddings, and they are all the same.  The same order of events, those events always done in the same manner, it’s all . . . well . . . expected.  You just get bored knowing exactly what is coming next.  I don’t want that for my wedding.  I want people leaving my wedding exclaiming, ‘WOW, I have never experienced anything like that before.’”

“Ok,” I responded, “how about this . . . let’s postpone our planning session a few weeks.  I’ll be attending Mobile Beat, a DJ conference, for the first time this weekend and might discover a few new ideas.”  I doubted it, I mean, I’d been doing this for 7 years.  What else could there be?  But we rescheduled and off to Mobile Beat I went.

After that first conference, none of our weddings would ever be the same.  When I noticed the amount of production value other entertainers were putting into their weddings, I was amazed and excited!  They created back stories, personalized intros for all their announcements, so that they now had meaning and a reason, and all this created a connection between the audience and the couple that you usually never saw at a wedding.  And then it hit me….they are creating a production!  And why not?  After seeing it, it made perfect sense.  You are looking to entertain a group of people for 4 to 5 hours, but you don’t want them only to be “entertained” during the “dancing” portion of the night, you want them engaged and entertained from the very beginning to the very end.  I need to take all of the “parts” of a wedding, and turn them into “WOW” moments, to give reason for people to applaud because they were moved to do so and not because someone over the mic asked them to.

Since that first conference back in 2005 we have applied this philosophy to all of our events and made a commitment to never stop innovating and improving.  From attending yearly conferences, studying privately with some of the industry’s greats like Peter Merry, Mark Ferrell, and Scott Favor, to attending local toastmasters, everything is done with one goal in mind; At the end of the night, on the drive home, after months of planning and work, that our clients and their guests say “Wow, that was the best wedding ever.”

And that’s just the beginning . . .

Gabriel's First DJ Event in Las Vegas

Gabriel’s First DJ Event when he was 15 – 1995

Taking the Professional Process Wedding Workshop

Gabriel Completed the Professional Process Workshop with Peter Merry, author of “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever” – 2009

All Events DJ with Unique Air Cannon Idea for Wedding

Handing our Groom Issac an Air Cannon…can you guess what happened next? – 2012