Example Rates...

...from real events!

We produce a custom quote for every client, since every client’s needs are different (location, coverage area, setup flexibility, programming, etc.). The examples below should give you an idea of what to expect.


Backyard Wedding


his client wanted us to transform her friends backyard into a great place to hold a wedding.  During the first dance, we dimmed all the lighting and faded up the spotlight on the dance floor, pulling attention from everything else and focusing everyone’s attention to the couple sharing their first dance on the center of the dance floor.  Also, since this was held outside and there was no roof to bounce the uplighting off of, we added a light purple and deep pink wash to illuminate the tables

What was used to create this look:
Uplighting – $695
Color Wash for Tables – $450
Monogram – $275
Static Spotlight – $125



Let’s Add Some Color


ven though this venue has a great warm hue all on its own, the client wanted a bit more color and to add a bit of texture to the draping.  So, after a location scout and some time at our showroom we came up with an uplighting color and ceiling pattern.  The client also didn’t want her white flowers to take on the glow of the uplighting, so we pinspotted the center pieces and cake to make them “pop” and keep their natural color

What was used to create this look:
Uplighting – $795
Ceiling Wash w/ Scroll Patterns – $495
Pinspotting – $500



Lighting At Dragon Ridge


ragon Ridge has a pretty large banquet room when it comes to country clubs.  Knowing this, when the client asked for a low number of units, we advised her that it might not produce the effect she wanted.  We offered her a “venue demo” (for a fee, and if the location has availability, we will setup the lighting you are interested in to see what it will look like AT your venue).  After seeing what she originally requested and not being satisfied, we asked her to leave the room for a bit.  We doubled the number of units and the look on her face told us we got it right.  Also, because the room is so large, some of the lighting gets lost once you are 20+ feet from the wall.  She didn’t want her centerpieces to get lost in the dark, so we double pinspotted (from both sides) all of them for her.

What was used to create this look:
Uplighting – $1195
Pinspotting – $895
Dance Floor Pattern – $150



Anthem No Longer In The Dark


o, for the longest time, Anthem Country Club didn’t offer the use of their patio to their clients because it was so dark out there, and as soon as the sun went down the place was practically pitch black (as you can see in the picture). Well, we came in one day and showed them that with some event lighting, they can open that area up to clients and offer them new options.

What was used to create this look:
Uplighting – $495
Monogram – $275