Music/DJ FAQs

The answers to all your burning questions...

How do your DJs dress for an event?

We will dress according to your event requirements. Normally, that means a dark suit with a shirt and tie. But this is at your discretion, so if you’d like us to dress more or less formal we are happy to accommodate.

Do we need to feed the DJ?

Since our entertainers have created a detailed event timeline to ensure your guests are having fun throughout every moment of your event (even dinner), that doesn’t leave much down time for them. Therefore, our team makes sure they are well fed before arriving at your reception.

Does the DJ expect tipping/gratuity on top of what we've already paid?

Our entertainers never expect a tip, and when they come by at the end of your event to congratulate you, please be assured that is all it is, a friendly congratulations.

What happens if our DJ gets into an accident/gets sick the day of our event?

Because most of the events we perform at are “once in a lifetime” moments, we had to come up with a way to ensure that our clients are covered, in case something unfortunate befalls their DJ/Emcee. It’s because of this that we never book our talent to capacity. There is always an Emcee on stand-by on an event date.

Do you have backup equipment for our event?

Yes, and something that sets us apart is that our back up systems are up and running along with our primary system. This means that if everything malfunctions with the primary equipment, the only person who will know about it is the DJ/Emcee.

Do you carry insurance?

We carry general liability insurance of up to 2 million dollars.

How far in advance should I book my DJ?

To guarantee the entertainment company of your choice the farther out the better. A typical bride will book our services between six months to one year out, but more isn’t unheard of.

Will you allow requests?

If the client allows them, we always welcome requests. It can be done in two ways.  We can send your guests the “online guest request link” that will allow them to add a single song selection to your music request list and/or hand out request cards on the day of the event. Both methods help get your guests involved in your day.

How early will you be there to setup?

Our tech team typically arrives as early as the venue allows for us to setup and audio check the main and backup equipment (usually more than 4 hours prior to the event). Our DJ/Emcees arrive at least 1 hour before guest arrival to conduct another audio check and to be on location in case the guests arrive earlier than discussed.

How interactive are your DJs?

This is a concern of many of our couples, and the answer is simple: our entertainers are as interactive as you need/want them to be. During “The Creative Process” you identify what you are looking for in your wedding reception and a timeline is created with the right amount of interaction to provide the desired effect.

How is the music picked?

You let us know what music you are interested in through your online account (ask us for an example of what this looks like). Here you can let us know your “Must Play,” “Play If Possible,” “Special Dedication” and “Do Not Play” lists. From these lists and how the audience is reacting is how we creating your music program.

How do i reserve my date?

A signed contract and 20% deposit

What are your Payment Options?

All Major Credit Cards, PayPal, Check, and most livestock

Who is the Greek god of music?


Should I get a band or a DJ?

I think “How I Met Your Mother” explains it best:


All kidding aside, we work very well with bands.  You see, Master of Ceremonies usually don’t make good bands, and bands don’t usually make good MCs.  The combination of both skill sets gives you the best of both worlds.  (Also, consider who/what will be entertaining your guests during the band’s breaks.)

Are you cheesy?

We believe cheese belongs on a cracker, not as a description to someone’s event. Everything we do is to produce a particular effect or emotion and is coordinated with each of our clients so they are aware of everything that will take place on their special day.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Bose, Mackie, Shure & Numark are some of the names that encompass our equipment inventory.  Just as important as the quality of our equipment is how it is maintained and tested by our tech department before it leaves our shop and again when it is setup at the venue.

How do I get started?

If you’re ready for a consultation, just fill out our questionnaire and we’ll contact you to setup a consultation time.

Will you rent me your equipment if I want an Ipod Wedding

HECK YES WE WILL. We even go as far as giving the person in charge of running the equipment a complimentary hour of training. Contact us for an equipment rental quote.