Photobooth FAQ

The answers to all your burning questions...

Q. How Many Photos Do I Get?

A: Unlimited sessions in the booth for the entire event.  We always plan to be taking pictures before the event start time, so that people who are helping to set up or are part of the event can jump into the booth before there is a crowd.  It’s not uncommon for us to be taking pictures for a little while after the event end time.  Before this happens we’ll coordinate with the you and the venue to make sure we’re not causing any problems with being at a venue later than the rental agreement allows.

Q. Can I Get Extra Coplies? How Much Does It Cost?

A: Because we have a large booth, we will not limit the number of prints to one or two.  We will do enough reprints for everyone in the booth to have a copy of the pictures.  If the you’ve purchased the scrapbooking service, we will also print an additional copy for the book.

Q: How Do I Create My Custom Header

A: First, it’s not just a custom header that we’re creating.  When we create the print layout, we have full control over the entire design.  This doesn’t just refer to the header (or logo).  It refers to the picture size and placement, background colors and design, logo placement and more.  Once we have a signed contract and deposit, we will send an email with sample print layouts, design ideas, and a request for any logos, the invite, event colors or other information that will help us create a totally unique layout for your event.

Q: What Kind Of Props Do You Supply?

A: We have several boxes of general props, stick props, signs, chalk boards, and so on.  We are constantly buying props to make sure we have great quality fun items for guests to use in the booth.  We can also make a theme specific prop box for a small fee.  Because we have so many props, sometimes we will already have theme specific stuff in our collection, so it’s just a matter of putting it all into the same box.

Q: Do You Provide Seating In The Booth

A: Yes, there are stools in the booth.  Because it is a larger sized booth, the seating is not connected to the booth structure.  This means when groups go into the booth they can move the seats around, so that people can stand behind.  People can also move the seats forward or backward to adjust how they will be framed in the picture.

Q: How Many People Fit In A Booth

A: We say the booth fits 2-10, but we’ve actually had up to 20 people squeeze into the booth at the same time.  That’s bound to happen after 4 hours with an open bar.

Q: Which Human Organ Stays The Same Size From Birth

A: Your Eyes

Q: How Big Is The Booth?

A: Our standard enclosed booth structure is 5′ by 8′.  The box which controls the booth is another 2′ by 2′.  The Box can be placed on the long side of the booth or the short side, spending on the needs at the location.  For booth and people we usually recommend a set up space of about 10′ by 12′.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Setup/Break Down?

A: We usually plan to arrive for setup around 90 minutes early.  It doesn’t take that long to setup, but that ensures that we are ready to take pictures as early as a half an hour before the event start time.  The actual set up time will usually take 30-45 minutes, but this will vary depending on the distance from our vehicle to the booth location at the venue and other event specific things that may be going on.  Taking down the booth and loading out will usually take about 30 minutes.

Q: Do Guests Get To Take Home Photos/Prints Immediately?

A: Yes, but they will also get online access to the prints and each hi-res photo that was taken on a secure web gallery.  The link and password to this gallery is printed on the back side of the photo paper meaning everyone has the info they need to access the photos.

Q: What If My Guests Want Additional Prints?

A: It’s very easy for our attendant to do additional reprints on the spot, but because we already do enough reprints for everyone, we usually don’t receive that request.  Sometimes a group of grand kids will jump into the photo booth together and grandma or grandpa will come by later wondering if they can get a copy.  The answer is, “Definitely!”

Q: What Size Are The Photos?

A: The classic style photo strip is 2″ x 6″.  When we do the grid layout, the print size is 4″ x 6″.

Q: What If We Need Help Or Have Technical Issues?

A: There is an attendant with the booth at all times, so they will help the guests in the entire process.  Each booth is stocked with primary and backup equipment, so even if there was a technical issue, the attendant would be able to handle it right away and keep taking pictures.