Our “Creative” Process

The steps we take to tell your story!

Here’s what to expect from All Events when it comes to our production process.

Before We Meet

To make our consultation as beneficial as possible we have our clients fill out a pre-consultation questionnaire. This gives us some of the back story to your event and allows us to tailor the consultation to things that are important to you. Also, since we know most of our clients don’t book entertainment on a regular basis, we provide you a list of questions that might help during the interview process.


Here is where we get to know you and the goal of your event. Once we have more details on what you are trying to put together, we then share ideas on how we can “tell your story” in a way that keeps guests engaged throughout the entire event. Based on these ideas, we then go over a few packages that might fit your needs and budget the best. From our consultation date, we give our wedding couples an entire week to continue interviewing other entertainment companies to make sure you don’t feel pressured into a decision, but if you know you’ve found what you’re looking for, then we’ll go straight to booking your event. =).


We write up the contract based on the options picked during the consultation and take the 20% deposit to secure those options for the event day. We then give you a username and password to your online planning account as well as any other planning material and set up a time for our 1st Planning Session.

Site Inspection

A few months prior to your event we will have our technicians go out and do a site inspection. They are there to make sure they know the ins and outs of the venue, identify any sound support issues they might see, and create or obtain a floor plan for your event. This makes sure we have ironed out all the technical kinks prior to your event day.

1st Planning Session

This is our first face to face planning session. We try to hold this session 3 months prior to your event. Here is where we plan the skeleton structure of your event day and offer a variety of ideas and suggestions for creating a truly unique and memorable event. Once we have some fun and unique ideas picked out, we all get to work on making those ideas come to fruition.

2nd Planning Session

This is our second face to face planning session. We try to hold this session 1 month prior to your event. Between your first and second planning session we have all gone to work on creating the content for the fun and unique ideas we picked during the 1st planning session. During our 2nd planning session we go over the small details that make up your event and see if there are any holes that need a creative idea in order for your guests to feel more involved and entertained.


This part of our process is mostly reserved for our weddings. Here is where we direct the entire wedding ceremony rehearsal from start to finish. After getting an idea on how you want this to transpire, we then make sure to explain your vision to those involved and step them through the entire ceremony so that everyone feels confident in their role on your wedding day.


Now that all the planning is done, we are at performance day. Here is where we conduct our full event coordination and the “behind the scenes” of all the important details that need to be double-checked in order to ensure that your event progresses smoothly and that your guests are kept engaged until the end of your event.